Beaulieu Carpet

beaulieu carpet


Beaulieu Carpet of America was the pioneer in manufacturing polypropylene carpets that are oriental, in 1978. The fact that they use versatile polyester and nylon for outdoor and indoor wall to wall carpets has made Coronet or Beaulieu among three of the largest producers of carpet in the world.

Since ’02, Beaulieu has begun to shift its focus over to broadloom carpets, and thus have succeeded in producing affordable, as well as top quality products which are meant for home fashion. Beaulieu is now very well known all around the world as dealers, retailers and carpet mills from all around the world take up their eminent name.

You only get premium quality yarn from a firm like Beaulieu. The kind of yarn used for the manufacture of carpets not only determines how the carpet that you buy looks, but also, a string of other things like style, stain resistance, and durability. Beaulieu Carpet has been woven from synthetic stuff, which includes olefin and nylon. Recycled plastic bottles are used to make the polyester fibres, which makes your own floor coverings absolutely environment friendly.